Classmate of the Week (1)- Rachel Price

This past Thursday, as I was in one of the school’s art galleries, the luck of a non-shy person coming up to a shy person happened to me in the form of Rachel Price. The first week of these classmate interviews were destined to be unsteady and a bit awkward, but thanks to her, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. So I get out my iPhone for a recorder, like the true journalist I am, and get to the hard hitting questions.

First, I ask her the basics.

” What is your name?”

” Rachel Price.”

” And your major?”

” Pre-Psych, but I’m not sure if I wanna stick with that or not.”

She explains to me that she would like to be a child psychologist. However, she finds herself rethinking that goal because the wonders of nutrition spark her interest. In fact, Rachel is taking her first nutrition class this semester. We begin discussing the class for awhile, comparing both our nutrition classes and teachers. Then I ask her:

” What’s your favorite platform of art?”

” Paintings- cause I paint” – “Oh ,you paint?”.  “Yeah, well I don’t paint a lot but like when I do- not trying to say I do it very well, its kinda like whenever I have free time.”

” What do you typically paint?”

” Anything, like honestly if you put something in front of me I’ll paint it.”

” You’re a good copy painter?”

” Yeah, I’m not good at thinking of things… (off the top of my head its harder to make things turn out as well)”.

That makes me ask her what her favorite painting is. She can’t think of the title off the top of her head but she says that it is famous and it is of a park with a lot of people. I know what she is referring to but I also can’t name it. Later, I find out it is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. Rachel and I then decide we should find an art piece to discuss. We both find ourselves drawn to this one picture in particular. It is a photographic art piece with graphic manipulation, at least hopefully it is that. I state the obvious:

” His head’s cut off”

” That’s not cool…huh, I don’t understand”

” What feeling does it give you?”

” I feel like someone doesn’t really like him a lot. Oh! Maybe they only like him…no.” Rachel pauses, seeming to be searching her mind for the right words. ” That’s a picture that a lot of girls would go like ‘Yeah, he’s so hot’, but what I think what’s funny is that I feel like ( you know people are really shady) if his face isn’t there ( he has a nice looking face) and even though his body’s not showing – I feel like girls are like ‘Ohh I only like a guy for their body’s’. Hmm, I don’t know his shirt isn’t off but its burnt.”

” Maybe his image is being tarnished so his shirts being tarnished” I add.

” Yeah, use that. Quote yourself on that one” We laugh and I ask ” Do you like James Franco?”

” I like him. Yeah”- she laughs ” He’s hot”.

Rachel and I take a moment to gush about the Franco brothers hotness.  I bring it back by asking if she feels this picture is negative or positive.

” It’s definitely a negative picture. It’s tarnished, the color…it’s not a very happy sight, I’m just not happy when I look at it” Rachel answers.

The picture we were discussing and the one in the photo was part of Pilar Gallego’s “Teen Idol Poster Series” titled James Franco and you can check out his work here:

To check out Rachel Price’s work and website click here:  

Rachel with "James Franco" by Pilar Gallego







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