Activity of the Week (2)- Instagram

    A social media site can be a wonderful thing. 

My first post to the tag
My first post to the tag

Instant access to people,  connections, and information- our generations way of saying “hello, this is what I’m interested in, what I’m doing, and how I’m feeling. How about you?”. This week in Art110, we explored the extent to which we all related to each other on those points.  


The Art110 tag
The Art110 tag

     On Thursday the art110 tag exploded. I saw everything from people laying in their beds in the morning to relaxing on campus to going to work at an airline. Its crazy how much everyone’s days were different from person to person. This weeks art activity made me understand the variety of life as well as the comforting similarities. Out of eight billion people, there will be stark contrast and exact sameness; the underlying knowledge that we are all fundamentally living life. One day can be the world of a difference to someone else’s.

      I enjoyed the activity this week. It brought everyone together with the magic of visuals. Our class is definitely filled with individuals, and also filled with rad college students. We are simultaneously together and apart on that instagram tag. We are the collaborators of it and our professor, Glenn, is the person at the starting line, holding his gun high, and shooting to signal us to begin headfirst and ready.


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