Classmate of the Week (2)- Anna Joy Floresca

Once again, on Thursday I got lucky. Not like lucky, lucky- no way. But I got lucky in that there was an

Anna looking though her 'Zine' (totally not posed)awesome person who was braver than me and came up to me on my way to art class. She commented on my shirt which I appreciated because truthfully I had been convinced by my friends to buy it and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. However, I must have done something right because I found myself having a conversation with Anna Joy Floresca.

Anna is rad. If you ever run into her just know she is super friendly and will bring you into a conversation like a champ. Anyway, time to tell you a bit about Anna. She’s a pre-nursing student with other interests. Some of her’s are things that have to do with the environment, art, plants, and food. She got into nursing because as a child she was in and out of the hospital a lot and her mother was the nurse. In fact, her family members are in the medical field. They inspired her by showing her how they can help people. Anna told me that specifically she would like to aid kids, but not have the full responsibility because of the stress. “I want to be responsible but not all the way responsible. Like I always joke around with my mom that I will be one of those people that take care of dead people in a morgue”. We laughed at that. There’s less pressure on someone when you are working with a person who has already kicked the bucket. Not much you can fail at. “But I like alive people, to a certain extent” she joked. I liked this gal.

Her outline for the Zine Then I asked Anna what her favorite form of art was.  She  explained to me that she liked hands on stuff-  doodling,  drawing, and writing. Suddenly she broke  her list by saying s  she wanted to show me s  something. “I have a thing thing that I really want  to work on and that I am  planning on working on and it’s called a Zine. Its like a magazine, but  a small magazine. And I was like  okay, what is it gonna have? Would it just be my doodles and  stuff like that? But to be honest its gonna  be writing. I’m very tumblr inspired, pintrest- just  technically little things.” Anna flipped to a page to s  show me her amazing outlines. It looked  like an adorable newspaper collage that had small quotes and  cute drawings and just plain  funny stuff. She explained that she wanted to call it “While You Were  Here” and that she  “wanted it to be a cheer me up- pick me up thing for like maybe college students or  maybe (she)  would drop it off at a hospital or something and (she’ll) be like hey give this to your  beloved.”  Anna pointed out that she would also maybe like to name it “Stoned Face Soft Heart” or “SFSH” but she didn’t want people to get the wrong idea about the word “stoned”. “I can’t be like- weed everywhere”. We laughed at that.  “I might change it to strong face. Look like your mad but really your not. There’s little memos to cheer up their days”. Anna Joy Floresca people- there you have it.

Please, please check out her website!-

I Had too.


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