Activity of the Week (3)- Kickstarter project

This is Diana Martinez, Conny Ramirez, and I’s ‘Kickstarter idea’. Its called Golden State of mind and its super rad! Check it out. 

Below is another real Kickstarter project. Its about a Dad who decided water balloon fight preparation needed to be more effective. I think that Kickstarter is an amazing tool that inventors and creators can use to get their work out there more easily. Its beneficial to everyone. I love this idea because its simple and genius all at the same time. Amazing products or projects like these wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for a median used to gain the funding. Now, because of Kickstarter, this fun product that fills a hundred water balloons in less than a minute can reach out to the consumers  so that they can have efficient water balloon destruction. And who doesn’t want more water balloon destruction?  



here is Conny Ramirez’s website:

here is Diana Martinez’s website:


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