Artist of the Week (3)- Christopher Vavrek


  This artist’s, Christopher Vavrek’s, thesis exhibition was one of the coolest, most interesting and different art installations I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to The Louvre, The Smithsonian, and many other amazing museums of art. Basically- it did its job very well. 

IMG_0292 This gallery looked like a room that was under technical construction. Some passerby’s didn’t even know it was an art  exhibition. Thick  electrical cords hung from above. Darkness and flashing lights, old broken monitors and screens,  messy trash, and stacked thrown away t  technology- awaited you at every turn. All of it was packed close together and  random -it made for a closed space and strange atmosphere.  It was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. And its  message, to me, was an interesting one. Our world has changed. We are apart of a  new and different technological  culture that has no need for our old and outdated electrical machines. Christopher Vavrek did a fantastic  job of  displaying that as well as his many other meanings from his showcase.  


 Unfortunately Christopher Vavrek couldn’t be there to answer any questions I had.  But I did,  however, read his artist statement posted on the wall. The title of his  exhibition was “server and  protect the virus [too big to succeed]”. In the writing he  states that he wants “to put the viewer off  track, setting up situations in which one is  confronted with their own conditioning and  perception”. This exhibition did just that. It forced us to wind in and out of recognizable trash and  useless junk that used to be the innovative technology of the past. It used to mean something to us. Now, its discarded and disconnected from our culture. Christopher also said he wanted to bring us to see that these items have “a different critical and aesthetic value.”  



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