Classmate of the Week (3)- Diana Martinez

Diana Martinez is a fantastic person. I had the lovely pleasure of getting to know her better through the traditional format of formal questions last Thursday. Hell yeah. I got out my handy dandy iphone recorder and we got to formally-informally chatting about stuff.  

I first got down to business by asking her about her major and why she chose it. Diana explained to me sheepishly that it was sad story- and by that she meant about it Diana under a leafbeing a buzzkill when bringing up for the famous “what’s your major?” college conversation. She said that other people get to say more exciting things like they are a psychology major or a film major or an interior design major, while she simply says marketing. However, originally she had wanted to major in something else. The magical yet unsteady promises of having Film as a major- caused her to rethink her goals. Because everybody, Diana Martinez is a intelligent young person who realizes you need a steady income to survive in this world while also having a healthy balance of what you love to do. Marketing seemed like the perfect compromise for her. She’ll still be involved in what she loves to do. When I asked what kinds of products or things she’d like to market for, she said clothing brands or just brands in general would be fun. Also Diana would be involved in the creative aspects, such as commercials and graphic design. 

Diana’s favorite art form, are all art forms. “I like to see everything. Everything excites me. All sorts. Its amazing, like somebody had the talent to do that- the thing. Whatever it is. A picture and a painting- a sculpture- its just like yes! Talent! And it was like their imagination- their thing- so its like- your awesome!” she explained to me. As she said that I saw her passion for art burn in her eyes. Its people like her that encourage the creation of art and make the world go round. That gives hope to the hopeless artist or beauty to the unknowing person at their first art gallery. Anyway, fancy talk aside, I felt it yo. Diana then explained that, “Personally, I like taking videos and pictures. I was more into pictures at first and just recently like two years ago I started getting into video.” Then I brought up her youtube channel and instagram. I told her how awesome I thought her videos were. They are of her and her friends exploring and documenting their experiences around special places.  “Its just fun. I like seeing the videos of what I did. I think videos help you remember more definitely. I really like doing that whenever I go.”.  

Lastly I asked if I could ask her a very important question. “Would you rather have toes for teeth or teeth for toes?” Diana took a moment. She asked me what the implications for having toes for teeth would entail. I said chewing would probably be difficult. Then she chose to have teeth for toes because even though she couldn’t walk- she could hide them. There you have it! 

Please check out Diana’s rad youtube channel. – 

and her website! –



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