Activity of the Week (4)- Plaster Casting

On this lovely weekend I was assigned with the task of making a plaster cast of one of my limbs, using the helpful yet messy sand of a beach. Yesterday I met up with professor Glenn and many other art student peeps to do this task at Seal Beach. It was really nice. The weather was perfect, the waves were wavy, the people nice and fun, overall it was a successful undertaking.   



I had decided to make a cast of my hand making a number three sign. Also, for me personally it was the hand sign girl scouts do when we recite our code or ‘promise’. I pulled it out and got to mixing. My concoction was dense and more sludgy than the other’s were so I had to work quickly, pour it in, and then suddenly, viola! I had to wait for thirty minutes.  



    Those thirty minutes were passed with sand castle making, sand  word  writing, and entertaining conversations about stuff. And  once I wiggled my  hand out, with a little help, I found out that  somehow it resembled what I  was going for. Sweet. As I was  brushing it off I had an interesting discussion  with our professor  about how happy accidents can be taken as purposeful  results  that represent something that you feel it should. Therefore, my hand  cast represents how promises and  devotion to a cause or thing can be as energy filled and ever-permanent as the motion of  waves. (Because,  basically I got lucky again and realized my hand looked wave-like). 









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