Artist of the Week (4)- Scott Burnes


The absurd, the exaggerated, the understated- these words encompass all of Scott Burnes’ work in the art gallery he had displayed last Thursday. I was immediately dragged into his art pieces. Intrigued and slightly frightened by the strangeness of each clay sculpture, I examined each a bit closer. Some were elongated, others shrunken; all disproportionate and disjointed. My favorite one had its head in its hand, which was long and curved by it’s neck to fit in it nicely. The purple, black, and white color scheme made it even more dark and twisted. I loved it.   


On Scott Burnes artist statement, he simply said he thought it was easier for people to experience his work rather than talk about it. I thought that was something to note because most artist’s have lengthy and in-depth analysis on what their work means to them and what it represents. This artist was different.


 When I got time to talk to him I asked him how long it had taken him to make  each sculpture. He said that he made all of them at once and it took three weeks. The three weeks before his art  gallery showing. Scott Burnes said his favorite one was the same one I liked. After, being the noisy journalist I  am, I asked why he had made his artist statement so brief and closed. He explained he had a more personnel  story behind it and he had begun sharing it with the other art 110 students. He disclosed it to me, but I don’t    feel comfortable sharing it on here. All I can say is before Burnes said that he had been making boring stuff. I  didn’t get any more details, but it seems like all we can get from this is that he is an extremely talented artist t  that broke out of his shell with enlarged feet, uneven lengths, big heads, large wangs, skulls, and bent necks.  And thanks to that, now the world of art is more interesting and more talented.


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