Classmate of the Week (4)- Nicole Ilagan


Nicole Ilagan is a busy person. I found this out during our interview last Thursday with wide eyes and disbelief. How? No wonder she opened with “I have a headache so I’m sorry if I’m not talking as much”. We both later discerned its from her active schedule. She does, after all, have a job with College Beat T.V,, internships, drum-line, college craziness, and did I mention College Beat? You may recognize her from Tuesday of last week when she spoke to our class about it.

Nicole’s major is Film. (Yay! Brethren!) and she is a second year. With her degree she wants to go into production management. “I want to be the business side, I want to make people’s ideas come to life” she said. Then Nicole told me all about her amazing internship last summer for an independent film company! She talked about how she was always running around, doing script coverage, and seeing how stressful and changeable the industry really is. The film they were working on ended up being pushed back and hasn’t been filmed yet. Nicole mentioned that she was given the internship because she knew a guy. We raved about how connections and friendships are everything in the film business, and she even said College Beat has a lot of them!

She lives in the Fullerton area and commutes like me. Graphic design, music, and film are all artistic hobbies that Nicole enjoys indulging in. Originally graphic design was Nicole Ilagan’s pick however she said “I want to be well rounded. Being a producer allows me to do other things besides film”. I learned about her music career in her school’s drum-line and how successful she was with that and how drum-line is its own little bubble world just waiting to be popped by other people who have no idea. Nicole chose Long Beach for similar reasons to me. For the film program, the beach, and the surf (never-mind on the surf one, I can’t stand up enough to be called a safe surfer).

During the interview Nicole said something that really inspired me and should inspire you too -“You know how when an opportunity that’s unexpected and you don’t know if you should jump on it or not? I feel like that’s been my life since college has started.” And look where it has gotten her? So many opportunities. “Its really scary,” she told me, “I’m always the shyest person, I literally forced myself because if I don’t I’m not going to have a job and that’s scarier than being shy you know?” 


Please check out Nicole Ilagan’s website here –

also College Beat T.V’s youtube channel!-




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