Artist of the Week (5)- Melanie Willhide

Sadly I couldn’t meet with this weeks artist in person. And I wanted to because I had some questions about how her photograph came to be. Melanie Willhide’s photo is of two gals who have old-fashioned hair dos and appear naked from the shoulders to…nowhere. The photo looks odd because is keeps repeating that space between the girls shoulders and upper chests until the photo ends. Also, it is all tinted red.   


 The photo, titled “Two Girls”, gave me the sense that it captured a moment of promiscuity and afterwards  altered to be one of  censorship. With their body’s being glitched. which covered them, the flirtatiousness of  the photo seems off-kilter. It is certainly i  interesting. I did some research to kind out more about Melanie  Willhide’s art and I came across this article. The article tells a  story of an unlikely result of an unfortunate  occurrence. Apparently, her art had been stolen off her computer and back-up drive  by a thief. After her  computer was recovered and her images brought back from ‘the dead’ she found the had been tampered with  as a result- coming out as glitchy looking and disjointed. 

 As Willhide looked at each new image she realized they looked even better. The stolen images had actually  inspired her to create  more photographs and art pieces that look like they have been messed with and split  apart. “Two Girls” is one of the results she  got after the event. She even titles her group of photos as “To  Adrian Rodriguez, With Love” as a thank you to her computer thief.  Personally, I thought that was really  amazing and funny. To have something better than before come out of something that  seems lost forever, its  no wonder these images have something special behind them. 

Click here for more of Melanie Willhide’s art.


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