Classmate of the Week (5)- Maeghan Mcbee

           During the plaster cast mold activity, I met some cool people from our art class. Maeghan Mcbee was one of them. Even though I got to talking with her at the beach there was still so much more about her I didn’t know. Like she has a passion for performance, art, and helping troubled people. Maeghan is really awesome and I’m glad she approached me last Thursday for this interview. She was also doing her counterfactual identity like me and I thought she looked rad and that dark colors really worked for her. Her outfit was definitely pulled off!


           First off, shes from northern California- like me! She used to live in San Jose and Reno but recently she lived in Brentwood in the East Bay Area. She told me she likes hiking and camping around there as well. Maeghan’s major is Criminal Justice and she is in her second year. She explained ” I like it so far. I either wanna a be a CSI detective get my minor in forensics… Or I wanna do something with rehabilitation”. In fact, she made one of the kickstarters for our kickstarter week- the one where she explained how she wanted to make a rehabilitation center for people out of prison in the southern California area. We discussed the issues of the prison system for awhile and she mentioned that the whole thing is “…something that personally interests me”. 

          Maeghan told me a lot about her passion for art as well. I loved hearing her talk about how she has always loved music and that she used to sing and perform Lizzie Maguire songs for her friends and the whole neighborhood. Honestly, if that isn’t the coolest thing a girl could do in the early 2000’s- I don’t know what is. “Hey now! This is what dreamsss are made of!”. Okay, anyway. Maeghan is a singer, more professional than anyone I know. Her Grandmother gave her two years of professional singing lessons from a previous American Idol contestant who made it pretty far! She even gave me some basic tips on how to sing better. It depends on “how you sing and the way you hold your muscles. Keep your diaphragm tight and you can manage your air intake a lot better- it also helps control pitch. Keep your mouth at a normal center level. Keep it wide.”.  


          She also loves other forms of art like drawing and recently painting (inspired by her taking this class).      Maeghan talked to me about how she discovered this form of paint called gouache, which I guess is a mixture  of oil paints and watercolors. She said she didn’t know ‘qouache’ existed and she’s been practicing with it. “Its  definitely different”. I asked her what she painted and Maeghan said shes been painting a realistic-dramatic  eye and cherry blossoms. She even made some canvas for people’s homes. “You keep working on things and  suddenly it turns into something completely different than what you meant…I like it” Maeghan explained. 

 Last question: Would you rather have snakes for fingers of for part of your hair? “Definitely my hair, I need to  be able to use my fingers. Plus it might actually look cool like dreads but some that can move”. What is the hair  snakes were poisonous? “That’s weird. I don’t know…how would you hug or kiss someone? …Fingers”. 

Click here for Maeghan’s website!


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