Artist of the Week (6)- Isaiah Ulloa

               Last week in one of the school’s galleries I saw snow. Not real snow, but it sure could have been. At one point I even thought it was actual snow and stupidity said that out loud. Oh well. Most everyone probably took a step back and had to take a second to process the amazing group exhibition called “Labyrinth” made by Angel G. Franco, Isiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin.   


               At the center of the exhibit there was a hyper-realistic sculpture of a snow puddle with a  person laying in the middle of it. Next to it there was a mini sculpture of a snow clump. At first I  thought it was meant to be a little boulder but as I walked around it I realized it was actually a  slanted head! That wow’ed me. Lia Giordano and I went outside to interview one of the artists  afterward. The guy outside was Isiah Ulloa. He was super cool and forthcoming with the ideas  and methods behind the art pieces he worked on. Turns out, he was the one who made the face  in the ice. He mainly worked with 3-D printers and graphic software to create that sculpture and  to help with the central sculpture.  


                Ulloa was the model for the man laying in the middle of      the snow. They scanned his whole body with a hand held scanner  and put it into the computer. Made with foam and covered with  powder, they had a magical machine carve it out and a amazing  modern-made beauty came out. Also, the small face was Isaiah Ulloa’s face as well. I asked him what inspired the group of artists to create sculptures in these innovative strategies. Isiah explained that they have been heavily influenced by special effects movie make-up and they like the idea of blurring the traditional manual labor with the newer more pixel-based ways. I thought the exhibit was really amazing and special because of all the technology used and I can’t wait to see more of it used in the future.




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