Classmate of the Week (6)- Lia Giordano


             Senior, fashionista, public relations expert, and journalist; Lia Giordano is many things. She approached me last Thursday and we quickly got to talking about the art around us. We discussed the art in the galleries and both agreed we loved paintings and pictures of nature and pretty explanatory things that did not require much thought- just appreciation. I immediately noticed Lia had an eye for fashion because her outfit was like nothing I’ve ever seen yet it worked so well.  

           As her and I got to asking questions about each other’s majors, her fashion savyness made sense. (“Savyness isn’t a word, but it really should be). Lia Giordano majors in Public Relations and minors in Fashion Merchandising. She told me her major has a more journalism emphasis and its different for her because she’s normally not a writer. I bet she gets a lot of practice from this class- I know I sure do.  Anyway, I admitted to her I didn’t know much about Public Relations and she said its a really broad major to go into because its part of so many fields like brand advertisement, sports, and representing company’s. Also, since it involves everything from press meetings, communications, to representation on social media outlets. And since fashion is her thing she wants to ideally be involved with that. 

          Lia Giordano is a senior as well- did I mention that? She’s almost on her way out and I’m on my way in so it was definitely enlightening talking to her. It was cool to know she hadn’t decided exactly what she wanted to do until the second semester of her soft-more year. That helped me realize everything will turn out okay if I choose to change my major or tweak it a bit.  

          When I asked her what her favorite art outlet was she said that fashion was hers. Lia wishes she could design and draw outfits and such. She went to the Lacma earlier this year to see the Diane Von Furstenberg exhibit. (She is a famous high fashion designer for those like me who are uncultured on certain things). Lia got to see all the clothes she has shown over the years. How awesome! I mentioned to her I also have seen an exhibit like that for Jean-Paul at the De Young in San Francisco. We both agreed we like out-there and elegant clothing like the ones those two designers make.    

Lia Giordano’s website


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