Activity of the Week (7)- Painting

IMG_0654IMG_0660Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetIMG_0625IMG_0650IMG_0631IMG_0640Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_0632

Ok. Best activity so far. Let’s get that out of the way. Okay. So for this art activity, Diana Martinez, Anna Joy Floresca, Conny Ramirez, Stephanie, and I all drove up to Venice Beach to get our spray on. Venice Beach was beautiful and so cool. It was a lot like I pictured it- rad looking skateboarders, hot people, out spoken people, and friendly people. People who weren’t boring. As we were walking along the beach to go to the spray walls, our walk was interrupted by this guy who asked is he could ask us a few questions about the nice car they were next too. Next thing I know Im all involved with this on-camera interview that I wasn’t prepared for with this charismatic guy who I kind of recognized and he clearly knew his stuff about cars and I didn’t. Later on i realized he was one of last year’s Big Brother contestants?! Nick Uha!? When the interview is up on youtube I will post it on here. 

So that was random. I figured that would be the case when going to Venice Beach though. The art walls were pretty intimidating, but we managed to find a nice guy to talk to and a place to spray paint. It was really fun! Bubble letters are actually pretty easy and spray paint works like you would think it would minus the occasional wind and hard-to-press-down tip. Our names all turned out nice too! See the pictures? Diana, Stephanie, and Anna all filmed some of our escapades and hopefully that will be linked to soon. Anyway, this was an amazing experience. 

This week it was more about going to Venice beach than actually spray painting. The walls and the street art on it looked like it belonged there- it blended into the Venice Beach aesthetic. This wasn’t about us exploring an art form, this was more about us exploring a culture. A culture of colors, expression, freedom, eccentric people, and the thriving difference of life that exits on that beach front connecting land to sea.  



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