Classmate of the Week (7)- Conny Ramirez


           Now, I am acquainted with Conny. But before you assume anything like ‘oh she just interviewed her friend to get out of interviewing a stranger’ just know that you only have a part of the story right. Half points for you! Anyway, I actually had been wanting to interview Conny for several weeks now. She is a new friend. And I wanted to delve deeper into her perspectives on things and try to figure her out more. Yes, I had an idea of what she was like. However, no, I hadn’t asked her soul-revealing questions yet. Those are the most important questions if you didn’t already guess. So last Thursday I got to do that. Ladies and gentlemen, Conny (cdawg) Ramirez. 

           Conny lives in Paramount and commutes everyday to school, like me! When asked what name she would choose for herself, she couldn’t pinpoint the exact name but she either wanted it to sound Arabic or white. She enjoys biology. Conny enjoys it so much that it has swayed her to take an interest in pursuing that very major at our school. Started undeclared, now we here! But, seriously even after she said “You know, I’m not really sure. I’m in a crisis now, I’m not sure what I’m doing” I knew she will be fine. Ap Biology is under her belt, and she even enjoyed it. Plus, we are only freshmen who are at the beginning of our hopefully fun and educational road to life fulfillment! Seriously, no pressure. Specifically Conny wants to “make fake babys”. and by that she meant do stem cell research for helping children.  

           Conny likes art. Even though she said “I just don’t get it sometimes. The abstract stuff….Art that’s self-explanatory, I get it…I like it”. I then asked her what art forms she likes and she replied ” Paintings, sculptures- I don’t know art terms. This class helps. I think its really cool how people create things. Like I cant do it- they can. Like how? You know? My creativity is like broken or something. I cant get it out. Like I can think of ideas but I cant execute them.”  

          Then I asked her the most ultimate revealing question about everything and stuff. I asked Conny what she would want her dream life to be like. She told me she would marry Dylan O’brien, which I support fully. (Conny and I both agree he has nicely proportioned shoulders and back muscles. Important factors in a possible mate). “I’d like to live in the country or in the mountains…like Colorado” she said. Her house would be a modern cabin with lots of windows to let the light in and open up the space to the beauty of nature. Conny would want kids later in life to keep her company. Ideally, they would be creative, thoughtful, and open-minded. “Basically, I want my kids to be, not like my sister” she added jokingly. If she could live inside a painting and be a part of the style and period she would choose American Gothic by Grant Wood.  

            Lastly I gave her a hypothetical: Conny Ramirez is shot and bleeding out in the street. A young impressionable person rushes beside her. As the blood trickles down the cement and soaks her lap-coat she whispers one last piece of advice to pass on to the future of this world. Conny whispers ” Don’t get shot, don’t put yourself in situations where you can get shot. Don’t end like me…dyi-” then she passes on in the middle of the road.  

Check out Conny’s website!

A wild Diana appears!

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