Activity of the Week (8)- EPortfolio



Haven’t you noticed? My website has been revamped now after doing this weeks activity. We were all assigned the magical task of recreating our websites or making new ones to suit our intended goals or careers in life we wish to pursue. I changed mine to be more focused around my writing and video making interests, because after all, my major is film. It took me surprisingly long to workout all the nooks and crannys of the terrible confusing website mechanics.


After some frustration and several cuss words, I have gotten to this point. I now have a proper Art 110 section for all of this class’s assignments and the section for my work alone. On the top bar its easier to see where to click for my actual Portfolio and underneath there’s an extra about me page to satisfy curious passer-bys.

My New About Me Page

I also like how my face is right on the left so people can put a face to a name. I have already posted some of my previous work on my portfolio page and I hope to post more of my upcoming projects there in the future.

I really found this weeks activity helpful because it mainly forced me to get my websites shit together, which I really needed. So hopefully this works better!


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