Artist of the Week (8)- Micheal Nannery


This past usual Thursday, which are usually filled with unusual things, I came upon Then and Now a artist showcase featuring a bunch of prints by talented print-makers. On the left wall as I was finished my circle around the room I found a really fascinating art piece. Made by Micheal Nannery, it was haunting and powerful in all the right ways.

The print was dark and gloomy looking with skulls and bones scattered all around it. It looked to me like it was a battleground where soldiers waged war. The amount of bones and bodies did not account for the one gravestone. The expressions of the skull’s faces was interesting as well. They seemed, confused or at least embodying the phrase “Well then, what was all this for? How and why?”.

There’s a strong statement on war here. This piece is stating that war and violence is useless, or at least unfortunate and terrible. The one gravestone represents how under-accounted for bodies of soldiers are in war, how unaccounted and unimportant they are in the big picture, how individuals will be in the mud and dirt and they wont even be properly represented or buried for taking part in war.  I really loved this piece mainly because of its message and appealing, haunting look. Micheal Nannery hit the nail on the head with this one. Its too bad I couldn’t talk to him in person.


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