Classmate of the Week (8)- Albert Macias


You may be wondering who that quirky guy with the rad blonde wave washing over his head is. I was to. Albert Macias is his name and lots of varied interests are his game.  Really though. This guy is into a great things and he is already doing great things as only a freshman! He majors in business management. His angle, however, leans toward fashion design.

When he was talking to me about this class he mentioned that he liked it more than he thought he would because “It’s a different experience. This kind of pushed me more into my major. If it wasn’t for this class I would never have done all this stuff…like the kickstarter.”. I then probed him on the kickstarter subject.  “My kicker starter is basically an online shop for clothes. T-shirts. At first I kind of thought ‘ok basic t-shirts no print… basic sweaters’. But then I kind of got the idea of putting quotes putting words that motivate people. Inspirational quotes”. He got the idea of putting on quote from his little three year old nephew. Apparently every morning he tells his mom and grandmother “Hi gorgeous”. I think I just died from adorableness. The brands going to be his name. So keep an eye on Albert Macias, you gorgeous people.

Albert’s favorite forms of art are painting and pastels. He told me he used to do pastels by taking simple objects and blending all the colors together. His dream place to visit would be Spain because he speaks Spanish and he loves the culture. Both of us then gushed over European architecture. Funnily enough, his dream place to live would be New York. Albert said he would be a bit hesitant but “why not?” he loves cities and even the country.

His to favorite artists are wedding photographers named Abi Q and Shila. He met them in person when they shot his sister’s wedding and became a fan of theirs after. Albert told me that both of them capture motion really well and that they took his favorite portrait of his mother.

I also found out Albert Macias was a band kid in high school. He played the baritone, euphonioum, and trombone. I asked is he’d kept on with playing his instruments but he said that their coats can go up to six-thousand dollars. Um. No thanks beautiful music. Albert has also decided he is not going to do anything with his hair color for the time being. After all, bleaching is really harmful and he sort of misses his natural hair color. Ok kids. That’s it for now. Keep an eye on Albert Macias because I have a feeling he will do great things.


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