Activity of the Week (9)- Vlog

Ok so I made a vlog about welcoming people to my new website. I tried to make it kind of off-putting at first to show some of my style of humor and I also tried to make it silly and engaging. Hopefully it all works. It was pretty hard saying the things I wanted to say without messing it up. I’m pretty awkward so it was hard to make me less so on video. Overall I would say this was a relatively easy activity- in theory, but in practice oh my goodness. Entertaining people with my voice and face is tough on camera! I don’t know how those youtube stars can just look at themselves gab at the camera without wincing or wanting to redo the whole thing. Anyway I kind of had fun though. Here’s the video:


One thought on “Activity of the Week (9)- Vlog”

  1. Nice try Allison. You tried to do something a little more fresh and original than most of your classmates!

    I’m not sure it totally works, but it’s heading in the right direction. The beginning is a little slow, but it really does pick up momentum. The second half or so I think it’s really working. As you gain in confidence and experience (and get better microphones) I think you can take this format a lot further. Right now it sort of works, but in another draft or two, it could be something that’s really yours.

    In answer to how those vloggers do it, well, I actually don’t like a number of them, but for someone I do respect like Natalie Tran, if you look at her work over the last EIGHT YEARS!!! you’ll see a lot of progress. She’s always been engaging, but her Confidence, Writing, and even Microphones, have gotten much, much stronger.

    Here’s one of her first vlogs from 8 years ago:

    And here’s her latest vlog:

    Practice, practice, practice!!

    Even though you’re looking to write, having a bit of confidence & ability in front of the camera is still valuable. And if you look at someone who can write and be in front of the camera like Tina Fey, the sky’s the limit!


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