Artist of the Week (9)- Noura Kaddora


Being from a somewhat educationally catholic background, I know about a lot of religious and biblical symbolism. Because of that I could really understand this work titled River and Tree of Life by Noura Kaddora.

While also being a beautifully painted acrylic painting, it also has a lot of stand out symbols representing biblical stories. I love the ways the light is shown in this piece. All of the light comes from a central point as if from a single star. Similar to the star that lead the three men to Jesus at his birth.

Also the tree represents the story of Adam and Eve. A single red apple -the fruit of knowledge – hangs on the tree looking enticing. The cross across the river is also a huge symbol for Christianity. And lastly, the river of life. It is painted to be ever flowing- intersecting the life and knowledge of that tree and the death and heavenly light across. I just really enjoy the use of symbolism here and the execution of it. I wish I could have spoken with Noura Kaddora about it more.


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