Classmate of the Week (9)- Antonio Lavermon


Last Thursday I had the huge pleasure of speaking with Antonio Lavermon. I feel like this interview was long over-due because we had previously connected over the sand, surf, and Lana Del Ray during the plaster cast activity. Seriously, I’m so happy we did. Antonio is a really well-spoken, interesting person and I loved hearing him talk about what he loves -what I also love in some instances as well.

Antonio is a Theatre Major but he is looking to switch to film (Yesss join usss). He explained the reason he’s looking to switch is “because film is more diverse as far as options go but I love theatre arts. I’ve always wanted to be an actor -that’s my main thing”. Antonio also said “As far as theatre arts is considered, I’m more of just an actor and a performer. I can do that with changing my major to film with an emphasis in screenwriting. And then minor with theatre arts with an emphasis in performance. That’s the route I’m going to take”. I’m glad he has it figured out, now he just has to submit this all by next semester. It will all work out well for him. I know it.

Alright so during his explanation on how he began film making- I found out this guy is a sims fan. Antonio told me that he made films and shows with Sims 2 on a youtube channel because “I had to start somewhere- I didn’t have the resources. I didn’t have a really good camera. I wanted the whole thing. Well what can I do to supplement all that? Well Sims 2 has a built in camera. So I said Sims 2 here we go”. Really? That is so awesome I feel like we have very similar tastes when it comes to lots of things now, including video games and homemade sims shows. We had a moment of discussing the Sims and all its specialties that only hardcore sims players would know. Respect.

Besides film and theatre, Antonio loves to mesh music and remiz songs together. He even showed me this amazing edit he did combining both Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want” and Christina Agulara’s “Your Body”. He enjoys writing -stories especially. I loved the way he explained what writing does for him. He said “I feel like it opens up like these realms within myself that I didn’t know were there before. Its like ‘oh my god I totally didn’t even know that I felt that way until I started writing about it’. Its really weird its like it open up these ideas in your head that were subconsciously there but you didn’t really acknowledge them until now because you can actually see that you acknowledged them”. I understood completely.

I’m so glad I got to get to know Antonio more. He’s fantastic and it was funny how many random things we found we had in common. Please go check out his website!


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