Activity of the Week (10)- Photography

Death Tree
Death Tree


Death is universal.

Everything ends. We will all be recycled and even that will end when oblivion sucks and disintegrates away all matter into an infinite void of darkness and- oh hey look at the cute dress I was wearing in that picture! But yes if you haven’t already guessed, our art activity this week was about death. It was titled “Landscapes with a Corpse”.

My idea for my death photo was spur-of-the-moment. I saw a tree in the Long Beach quad lawn area that was V-shaped. It just hit my like a lot of my weird ides do and then I have to roll with them right there or else its lost forever. So I asked my friend Caitlin to take some photos of me being dead in the middle of the V.

The image of this photo is meant to symbolize rebirth. It looks like I’m being born out of a vagina even though I am dead. The shapes my corpse is making in conjunction to the tree give me a very ethereal impression. Peaceful yet dramatic. Encompassing the cycle of live within a tree of life.

Death Tree part 2

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