Artist of the Week (10)- Almira Nikravesh


This weeks art piece I chose to discuss is shiny and sometimes even lucky -only if you find it with it’s head up. The sculpture is called “Honest Abe” by Almira Nikravesh. Since it was part of an  very amazing group BFA exhibition, I, unfortunately could not ask Almira about her work. So that just leaves the interpretation to me, the awed spectator.

This cubed piece is made out of shiny pennies. One of the burning questions on my mind was if it was pure pennies or just glued on some sort of base. I especially loved the title she chose. “Honest Abe” the nickname given to one of our past presidents who now has his legacy on top of an almost worthless form of currency in our modern economy. Literally, we don’t need pennies. They have very very little value. Maybe that is what this sculpture is commenting one. That even though its still used as money and holds sentimental value since it has Abraham Lincoln on it, I bet you more money that that ginormous cube of pennies may be worth around a grand or less.  That’s also assuming its made out of pure pennies.

Overall, I think this piece is meant to be a commentary on the worth of the penny- in all its uses and all the ways its seen as a symbol. I believe the title fits it well. Honestly Abe, you are now a worthless form of currency, I’d rather take the twenty, thank you.



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