Classmate of the Week (10)- Melanie Colli


I really loved talking to Melanie Colli last Thursday because we both have a common interest that pretty much has a culture of its own. If you are wondering what that interest is- I’ll give you some hints. Big eyes, small noses, exaggeration, diverse, entertaining, cartoon, and Japanese. Those were a lot so hopefully you now know Melanie and I talked about anime for most of my ‘supposed’ interview of her. Whatever, it was really fun!

So anyway, I did get some good information about Melanie. She’s in her third year of college, she’s undeclared but going into film for screenwriting (yes!), and she’s really talented and passionate about what she loves. Which I can really relate to because, man, do I get worked up about petting cats, writing, and like her- video games and Japanese animation.  Melanie’s favorite form of art to create is drawings. That’s actually how we got our anime conversation to start -I found out she enjoys drawing her own original characters in anime form. Melanie explained to me that she has been drawing since middle school and even took art classes in high school. She also bought very official-looking manga paper and an instructional guide on how to draw in anime form. Melanie said it really helps her with her drawing proportions. I asked her if she ever colored her drawings and she responded by saying she first draws in pencil, outlines that in ink, scans that into the computer, and finally uses Photoshop to color it in.

drawing by Melanie Colli


After all of that I had to see some of her work. Melanie pulled out her phone to show me some of what shes done. Let me just say. It looked like the real thing. One of the girls she drew seemed to be in the middle of a movement. That is so difficult to do, I was very impressed. I also was impressed that the speech bubbles were in Japanese. I looked at her wide-eyed and asked if she knew it. Melanie sheepishly said she used Google translate but she did know how to write her name. Still, better than me!

Lastly I asked her is she would want to live in the Digimon universe or the Pokemon universe (since she had mentioned earlier that those were some of her favorite anime shows). After a brief pause Melanie replied “Pokemon cause I’d get to have more than one Pokemon and like its pretty cool to just challenge people, while Digimon is your fighting to save the world. I don’t think I’m up for that kind of responsibility.” Hear hear. I would not be up for that either. Anyway, thank you so much for letting me interview you Melanie! I’ll talk anime and video games with you anytime girl.

Check out Melanie Colli’s website!


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