Artist of the Week (11)- Romina Del Castillo

First let me just state that Romina Del Castillo is so talented and nice. Her portraits, in an exhibit called “Shifting Focus”, were so -insert artsy word discussing the brilliance of her work here-.  The charcoal mixed with colored chalk and pastels made for Castillo’s work to seem classical and neutral yet playful and personal. I actually got to talking with her about her works  with a small group of people.

IMG_0827I asked her specifically about the portrait of the nun with the baby. Its title was “Let the Devil In”. Castillo told us that she had been inspired by a famous statue of a saint in Peru when she visited her family last summer. She told us that she used the same pose but instead put her face on the nun. The baby was also apparently copied from a baby doll. I thought that was a stark contrast to the other portraits being of people close to her in natural settings and situations, while that one was more elevated and religious.

IMG_0838The other portrait she explained to us actually has a strong connection to “Let the Devil In”. This one -called “Late Night Vices”- was of Castillo drawing herself drawing herself as the nun in “Let the Devil In”. I thought that was so cool how she basically did a portrait-ception thing and it made for two beautiful yet completely different works. You can even see the baby doll she copied on the left hand corner.

I can’t wait to see more of Romina Del Castillo’s work. Check out the other artworks she’s done through photography here!




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