Classmate of the Week (11)- Christine Trinh


Last Thursday I got to sit down and have a face to face exchange of verbal sounds that convey meaning with Christine Tirnh. She was really sweet and easy to talk to because we have similar interests! Well except for the fact that Christine is an accounting major which is awesome but I can’t do math or analytic stuff for the life of me. When I asked her what got her interested in that major she said her High School had a business program that forced them to take an accounting class and she liked it. Therefore Christine is now pursuing accounting as her career path and already taking a business stats class this semester.  She also hails from garden Grove which is only twenty or so minutes away from Long Beach.

When I asked Christine if she liked art so explained that she was interested in it, but she really didn’t know what all the art was getting at- what they are saying.  She appreciates it but has no desire to delve deep into the world of art, Christine’s favorite art form is painting and she would like to have pleasant paintings of nature throughout her hypothetical house.

Currently her favorite music to listen to is anime show openings and endings. She enjoys one in particular name “One Week Friends”. We discussed anime shows for a bit. Then when I asked what her favorite tv show is outside of anime Christine said “The Walking Dead”. However, she mostly plays games. She loves Fire Emblem, sims, and Animal Crossing- all ones I love as well. She urged me to buy and get into Fire Emblem which I should totally do. I would be addicted.

Lastly I asked Christine if she would rather have no nose and a happy face sticker as a replacement or have short arms. After awhile of deliberation she responded that she would rather have short arms, because noses are too important.

Check out Christine Tirnh here!


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