Classmate of the Week (12)- Christian Espinoza

I commend Bowas Yang on his photo bombing skills.
I commend Bowas Yang on his photo bombing skills.

Christian Espinoza- a guitarist, a literature analyst, and a English rhetoric student.  On the day of reckoning, or the interviews day, we had a nice discussion and in that discussion truths were exchanged.  Christian is from Harbor City and he commutes to school. He is also a freshmen and when he talked about the change from high school to college he explained that his closeness to people has changed. For instance, in high school you can get easily distracted by good friends but here you can really study by yourself and focus. Christian is majoring in English rhetoric and we found out that we’re both taking the comparative world literature class. Yay literature nerds! I completely understood how he explained why it is fun to understand and analyze literature – he likes to break things down to find meaning in them.

Some of Christian’s hobbies are playing the guitar, watching netflix, and sometimes trying to write song lyrics but he added that that doesn’t work out too well. In last week’s activity he and Bowas Yang did a cover of You and I by Local Natives. You should really watch it because its great and even though crazy-good perfect pitch people like Christian may think there’s a moment or two of flatness, its good stuff. I asked him what he thinks his personal music style is like and he said he aims to emulate City in Color’s acoustic style.  Then I asked him what music he likes and I’m just gonna list them because folks -don’t ask a musician what music they like if you want a short answer: Circus Survive, Dance Gavin Dance, Manchester Orchestra, Local Natives, City in Color, and he said there was a lot more but he was blanking.

Christian and I discussed how when people are asked what they think of art its either ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’. When I asked him he said “interesting” but then followed up and said “I think that art is anything that expresses what you feel -like self-expression”. I agreed and then eventually we starting gushing about Parks and Recreation because that show is a pure work of art. Finally I ended the interview with the same question I asked Conny in her interview. What would you say to a young bystander as you’re bleeding out into the street? “What the Heck?!…Ow! Don’t get shot. Stay in school. Eat your vegetables, Get milk (because its the solution to Got Milk?)”  Somehow I feel like that bystander would be really weirded out and slowly back away.

Here’s Christian Espinoza’s internet thing.


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