Activity of the Week (9)- Vlog

Ok so I made a vlog about welcoming people to my new website. I tried to make it kind of off-putting at first to show some of my style of humor and I also tried to make it silly and engaging. Hopefully it all works. It was pretty hard saying the things I wanted to say without messing it up. I’m pretty awkward so it was hard to make me less so on video. Overall I would say this was a relatively easy activity- in theory, but in practice oh my goodness. Entertaining people with my voice and face is tough on camera! I don’t know how those youtube stars can just look at themselves gab at the camera without wincing or wanting to redo the whole thing. Anyway I kind of had fun though. Here’s the video:

Classmate of the Week (9)- Antonio Lavermon


Last Thursday I had the huge pleasure of speaking with Antonio Lavermon. I feel like this interview was long over-due because we had previously connected over the sand, surf, and Lana Del Ray during the plaster cast activity. Seriously, I’m so happy we did. Antonio is a really well-spoken, interesting person and I loved hearing him talk about what he loves -what I also love in some instances as well.

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Artist of the Week (8)- Micheal Nannery


This past usual Thursday, which are usually filled with unusual things, I came upon Then and Now a artist showcase featuring a bunch of prints by talented print-makers. On the left wall as I was finished my circle around the room I found a really fascinating art piece. Made by Micheal Nannery, it was haunting and powerful in all the right ways.

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Activity of the Week (8)- EPortfolio



Haven’t you noticed? My website has been revamped now after doing this weeks activity. We were all assigned the magical task of recreating our websites or making new ones to suit our intended goals or careers in life we wish to pursue. I changed mine to be more focused around my writing and video making interests, because after all, my major is film. It took me surprisingly long to workout all the nooks and crannys of the terrible confusing website mechanics.


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Classmate of the Week (8)- Albert Macias


You may be wondering who that quirky guy with the rad blonde wave washing over his head is. I was to. Albert Macias is his name and lots of varied interests are his game.  Really though. This guy is into a great things and he is already doing great things as only a freshman! He majors in business management. His angle, however, leans toward fashion design.

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My French Music Video

I made this music video with the main concept being that three girls were singing to a womanizer telling him that he will get what’s coming for him. The song translated is basically saying that as well. “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” roughly means “Stop falling for Girls”. However, High School shenanigans got in the way therefore its not the ideal product I wanted. But, C’est La Vie! I’m posting it anyways to showcase the cool ideas I ran with when creating this music video.

Artist of the Week (7)- Yee Li (and Maggie Freed)


        Upon entering one of the gallery’s at our lovely school, a barrage of colors and angles attacked my eyes. A good attack, of course. Because what I saw was Introspection with paintings by both Maggie Freed and Yee Li. I loved noticing how you can tell there were two different artists. The ones on the left, which were painted by Maggie freed, who sadly I didn’t get the chance to talk to, and the ones of the right were by Yee Li. The paintings on the back wall were a collaboration between the two artists. 

        Right away, the paintings seem to have the same theme. Chaotic colors and shapes dance about each one. When I got to asking Yee Li how they made their paintings, she said that they used oil paints, which are very difficult to work with- especially when mixing colors and applying fresh coats. They used tape to get the sharp lines, because paint brushes weren’t perfect enough for the edges that they wanted to appear on the paintings. Yee’s paintings had more pronounced and hard colors in them. While Maggie’s seemed more blurred and had various triangle-like shapes in them. I enjoyed both walls equally and the back one even more. And it turned out, that back one was Yee’s favorite as well. 

        Yee explained to me that the gallery space was given to them on short notice and they only had around a month to pull this out! They worked around seven to eight hours a day everyday to get their works done. From what she was saying, it seemed like this was quite the undertaking, but hopefully after seeing everyone enjoy their works and getting them all out there- it was worth it! I’m sure it was.  

           Lastly, I asked Yee Li what feelings they were trying to invoke or represent with there pieces. She told me they were kind of going for expressing anxiety, but also other in-explainable feelings as well. She told me that some emotions- like anxiety- are hard to express in words and relate to other people and they wanted the people who saw their paintings to connect and relate to what they are trying to symbolize. Overall the gallery was beautiful and I’m glad I got to see it. IMG_0592  


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