Activity of the Week (4)- Plaster Casting

On this lovely weekend I was assigned with the task of making a plaster cast of one of my limbs, using the helpful yet messy sand of a beach. Yesterday I met up with professor Glenn and many other art student peeps to do this task at Seal Beach. It was really nice. The weather was perfect, the waves were wavy, the people nice and fun, overall it was a successful undertaking.   



I had decided to make a cast of my hand making a number three sign. Also, for me personally it was the hand sign girl scouts do when we recite our code or ‘promise’. I pulled it out and got to mixing. My concoction was dense and more sludgy than the other’s were so I had to work quickly, pour it in, and then suddenly, viola! I had to wait for thirty minutes.  



    Those thirty minutes were passed with sand castle making, sand  word  writing, and entertaining conversations about stuff. And  once I wiggled my  hand out, with a little help, I found out that  somehow it resembled what I  was going for. Sweet. As I was  brushing it off I had an interesting discussion  with our professor  about how happy accidents can be taken as purposeful  results  that represent something that you feel it should. Therefore, my hand  cast represents how promises and  devotion to a cause or thing can be as energy filled and ever-permanent as the motion of  waves. (Because,  basically I got lucky again and realized my hand looked wave-like). 








Activity of the Week (3)- Kickstarter project

This is Diana Martinez, Conny Ramirez, and I’s ‘Kickstarter idea’. Its called Golden State of mind and its super rad! Check it out. 

Below is another real Kickstarter project. Its about a Dad who decided water balloon fight preparation needed to be more effective. I think that Kickstarter is an amazing tool that inventors and creators can use to get their work out there more easily. Its beneficial to everyone. I love this idea because its simple and genius all at the same time. Amazing products or projects like these wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for a median used to gain the funding. Now, because of Kickstarter, this fun product that fills a hundred water balloons in less than a minute can reach out to the consumers  so that they can have efficient water balloon destruction. And who doesn’t want more water balloon destruction?  



here is Conny Ramirez’s website:

here is Diana Martinez’s website:

Artist of the Week (3)- Christopher Vavrek


  This artist’s, Christopher Vavrek’s, thesis exhibition was one of the coolest, most interesting and different art installations I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to The Louvre, The Smithsonian, and many other amazing museums of art. Basically- it did its job very well. 

IMG_0292 This gallery looked like a room that was under technical construction. Some passerby’s didn’t even know it was an art  exhibition. Thick  electrical cords hung from above. Darkness and flashing lights, old broken monitors and screens,  messy trash, and stacked thrown away t  technology- awaited you at every turn. All of it was packed close together and  random -it made for a closed space and strange atmosphere.  It was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. And its  message, to me, was an interesting one. Our world has changed. We are apart of a  new and different technological  culture that has no need for our old and outdated electrical machines. Christopher Vavrek did a fantastic  job of  displaying that as well as his many other meanings from his showcase.  


 Unfortunately Christopher Vavrek couldn’t be there to answer any questions I had.  But I did,  however, read his artist statement posted on the wall. The title of his  exhibition was “server and  protect the virus [too big to succeed]”. In the writing he  states that he wants “to put the viewer off  track, setting up situations in which one is  confronted with their own conditioning and  perception”. This exhibition did just that. It forced us to wind in and out of recognizable trash and  useless junk that used to be the innovative technology of the past. It used to mean something to us. Now, its discarded and disconnected from our culture. Christopher also said he wanted to bring us to see that these items have “a different critical and aesthetic value.”  


Classmate of the Week (3)- Diana Martinez

Diana Martinez is a fantastic person. I had the lovely pleasure of getting to know her better through the traditional format of formal questions last Thursday. Hell yeah. I got out my handy dandy iphone recorder and we got to formally-informally chatting about stuff.  

I first got down to business by asking her about her major and why she chose it. Diana explained to me sheepishly that it was sad story- and by that she meant about it Diana under a leafbeing a buzzkill when bringing up for the famous “what’s your major?” college conversation. She said that other people get to say more exciting things like they are a psychology major or a film major or an interior design major, while she simply says marketing. However, originally she had wanted to major in something else. The magical yet unsteady promises of having Film as a major- caused her to rethink her goals. Because everybody, Diana Martinez is a intelligent young person who realizes you need a steady income to survive in this world while also having a healthy balance of what you love to do. Marketing seemed like the perfect compromise for her. She’ll still be involved in what she loves to do. When I asked what kinds of products or things she’d like to market for, she said clothing brands or just brands in general would be fun. Also Diana would be involved in the creative aspects, such as commercials and graphic design. 

Diana’s favorite art form, are all art forms. “I like to see everything. Everything excites me. All sorts. Its amazing, like somebody had the talent to do that- the thing. Whatever it is. A picture and a painting- a sculpture- its just like yes! Talent! And it was like their imagination- their thing- so its like- your awesome!” she explained to me. As she said that I saw her passion for art burn in her eyes. Its people like her that encourage the creation of art and make the world go round. That gives hope to the hopeless artist or beauty to the unknowing person at their first art gallery. Anyway, fancy talk aside, I felt it yo. Diana then explained that, “Personally, I like taking videos and pictures. I was more into pictures at first and just recently like two years ago I started getting into video.” Then I brought up her youtube channel and instagram. I told her how awesome I thought her videos were. They are of her and her friends exploring and documenting their experiences around special places.  “Its just fun. I like seeing the videos of what I did. I think videos help you remember more definitely. I really like doing that whenever I go.”.  

Lastly I asked if I could ask her a very important question. “Would you rather have toes for teeth or teeth for toes?” Diana took a moment. She asked me what the implications for having toes for teeth would entail. I said chewing would probably be difficult. Then she chose to have teeth for toes because even though she couldn’t walk- she could hide them. There you have it! 

Please check out Diana’s rad youtube channel. – 

and her website! –


Classmate of the Week (2)- Anna Joy Floresca

Once again, on Thursday I got lucky. Not like lucky, lucky- no way. But I got lucky in that there was an

Anna looking though her 'Zine' (totally not posed)awesome person who was braver than me and came up to me on my way to art class. She commented on my shirt which I appreciated because truthfully I had been convinced by my friends to buy it and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. However, I must have done something right because I found myself having a conversation with Anna Joy Floresca.

Anna is rad. If you ever run into her just know she is super friendly and will bring you into a conversation like a champ. Anyway, time to tell you a bit about Anna. She’s a pre-nursing student with other interests. Some of her’s are things that have to do with the environment, art, plants, and food. She got into nursing because as a child she was in and out of the hospital a lot and her mother was the nurse. In fact, her family members are in the medical field. They inspired her by showing her how they can help people. Anna told me that specifically she would like to aid kids, but not have the full responsibility because of the stress. “I want to be responsible but not all the way responsible. Like I always joke around with my mom that I will be one of those people that take care of dead people in a morgue”. We laughed at that. There’s less pressure on someone when you are working with a person who has already kicked the bucket. Not much you can fail at. “But I like alive people, to a certain extent” she joked. I liked this gal.

Her outline for the Zine Then I asked Anna what her favorite form of art was.  She  explained to me that she liked hands on stuff-  doodling,  drawing, and writing. Suddenly she broke  her list by saying s  she wanted to show me s  something. “I have a thing thing that I really want  to work on and that I am  planning on working on and it’s called a Zine. Its like a magazine, but  a small magazine. And I was like  okay, what is it gonna have? Would it just be my doodles and  stuff like that? But to be honest its gonna  be writing. I’m very tumblr inspired, pintrest- just  technically little things.” Anna flipped to a page to s  show me her amazing outlines. It looked  like an adorable newspaper collage that had small quotes and  cute drawings and just plain  funny stuff. She explained that she wanted to call it “While You Were  Here” and that she  “wanted it to be a cheer me up- pick me up thing for like maybe college students or  maybe (she)  would drop it off at a hospital or something and (she’ll) be like hey give this to your  beloved.”  Anna pointed out that she would also maybe like to name it “Stoned Face Soft Heart” or “SFSH” but she didn’t want people to get the wrong idea about the word “stoned”. “I can’t be like- weed everywhere”. We laughed at that.  “I might change it to strong face. Look like your mad but really your not. There’s little memos to cheer up their days”. Anna Joy Floresca people- there you have it.

Please, please check out her website!-

I Had too.

Artist of the Week (2)- Bridget Batch

This week I chose to write about a very intriguing art piece. Most openings will probably start like that, but I mean the sort of intriguing that makes you wonder about humanity, about technology, about the stars, and about the future- the kind of thought topics that are never ending like the sky.


When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze at the Stars by Bridget Batch
When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze at the Stars by Bridget Batch

A cozy yet odd looking tinfoil shelter stood in the corner of one of our school’s art galleries. It was shiny, eye-catching, and made to look like a simple and traditional tent. At first I was befuddled, since there were a lot of people around and they were looking at something inside it. I was even more befuddled to finally be able to see the small television playing a video of a natural setting, nestled at the end of the tent. The video on the screen looked to me like a beach side setting with an open blue sky.

Then I read the label next to it. “Bridget Batch, When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze at the Stars”. The title brought it all together. This art piece is representative of the future and how many things can change, but we will all fundamentally still be the same. Even though technology will develop and we as the human species will change- our desire to look at the night sky and natural beauty will not.

To find out more about the art piece and the artist, I delved deeper into Bridget Batch’s artist statement. Bridget Batch is interested in the unseen. She says her work “plays with belief and intuition and the worlds created in our heads”. Another major factor behind her work is that she reflects the problems with size, on the earth and in space, trying to show that some forces are too big to understand and that they affect us subconsciously. Bridget Batch utilizes these ideas and weaves them into her work. With When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze at the Stars she explores humanity and our ability to always be awed by the cosmos.

Look at Bridget Batch’s other work: Closer view of the inside

Her website:

Activity of the Week (2)- Instagram

    A social media site can be a wonderful thing. 

My first post to the tag
My first post to the tag

Instant access to people,  connections, and information- our generations way of saying “hello, this is what I’m interested in, what I’m doing, and how I’m feeling. How about you?”. This week in Art110, we explored the extent to which we all related to each other on those points.  


The Art110 tag
The Art110 tag

     On Thursday the art110 tag exploded. I saw everything from people laying in their beds in the morning to relaxing on campus to going to work at an airline. Its crazy how much everyone’s days were different from person to person. This weeks art activity made me understand the variety of life as well as the comforting similarities. Out of eight billion people, there will be stark contrast and exact sameness; the underlying knowledge that we are all fundamentally living life. One day can be the world of a difference to someone else’s.

      I enjoyed the activity this week. It brought everyone together with the magic of visuals. Our class is definitely filled with individuals, and also filled with rad college students. We are simultaneously together and apart on that instagram tag. We are the collaborators of it and our professor, Glenn, is the person at the starting line, holding his gun high, and shooting to signal us to begin headfirst and ready.

Artist of the Week (1)- Carla Jay Harris


IMG_0135             I find my eyes drawn to one of the more simple and natural looking pieces whist  perusing Long Beach’s school art galleries. A photograph of a girl laying on the grass.  Except, a dark and looming shadow covers up most of her head and the accompanying  ground. The African-American girl wears a white blouse and a diamond cross necklace.  Her face is serene, but the darkness over her face seems to evoke a haunting look. I  immediately look over to see the piece’s title and artist. The artist’s name is Carla Jay  Harris, she is an art student at UCLA, and the work is “Seven-from the retreat series”.

Since I sadly couldn’t interview Carla Jay Harris, I looked her up to find out  more  about her, her work, and the ideas behind them. Her father was in the military,  so  she had to move around a lot as a child. That affected her as an artist. Art allows her  to  experience a kind of permanence. A permanence that she can control and hold on to.  Carla Jay Harris’ photography is a result of her exploration of the always moving  places around her. She explains in her artist statement that she is “specifically   interested in the relationships among environment and identity” as well as social and  political environments, and american society’s archetypes- how it marks and identifies  individuals.

With that in mind, I have a better idea on what the photograph is supposed to represent. To me, the shadow over her head and on the ground create the disturbing image of a pool of blood. The girl’s face in the photograph is peaceful- as if in a deep sleep or in death. Her white shirt and cross necklace suggest purity. All together, I believe this photo is relating to today’s problems with racial prejudice and the shootings of innocent black people simply because of the color of their skin and the stereotype associated with that. The girl in the picture is black, is laying on the grass with the dark shadow covering her face- much like how certain people’s visions are darkened and clouded when viewing a girl of color-, and she is shown to be pure and peaceful. This piece really intrigued me and got me to think, which is a very important factor to have in art. Overall, I’m glad I chose Carla Jay Harris as my first artist to explore. I respect the ideas behind her work and the subtlety and beauty in her photographs.

Please go check Carla Jay Harris’ artist page out:

and also her website: taking a picture of "Seven- from the retreat series"

Classmate of the Week (1)- Rachel Price

This past Thursday, as I was in one of the school’s art galleries, the luck of a non-shy person coming up to a shy person happened to me in the form of Rachel Price. The first week of these classmate interviews were destined to be unsteady and a bit awkward, but thanks to her, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. So I get out my iPhone for a recorder, like the true journalist I am, and get to the hard hitting questions.

First, I ask her the basics.

” What is your name?”

” Rachel Price.”

” And your major?”

” Pre-Psych, but I’m not sure if I wanna stick with that or not.”

She explains to me that she would like to be a child psychologist. However, she finds herself rethinking that goal because the wonders of nutrition spark her interest. In fact, Rachel is taking her first nutrition class this semester. We begin discussing the class for awhile, comparing both our nutrition classes and teachers. Then I ask her:

” What’s your favorite platform of art?”

” Paintings- cause I paint” – “Oh ,you paint?”.  “Yeah, well I don’t paint a lot but like when I do- not trying to say I do it very well, its kinda like whenever I have free time.”

” What do you typically paint?”

” Anything, like honestly if you put something in front of me I’ll paint it.”

” You’re a good copy painter?”

” Yeah, I’m not good at thinking of things… (off the top of my head its harder to make things turn out as well)”.

That makes me ask her what her favorite painting is. She can’t think of the title off the top of her head but she says that it is famous and it is of a park with a lot of people. I know what she is referring to but I also can’t name it. Later, I find out it is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. Rachel and I then decide we should find an art piece to discuss. We both find ourselves drawn to this one picture in particular. It is a photographic art piece with graphic manipulation, at least hopefully it is that. I state the obvious:

” His head’s cut off”

” That’s not cool…huh, I don’t understand”

” What feeling does it give you?”

” I feel like someone doesn’t really like him a lot. Oh! Maybe they only like him…no.” Rachel pauses, seeming to be searching her mind for the right words. ” That’s a picture that a lot of girls would go like ‘Yeah, he’s so hot’, but what I think what’s funny is that I feel like ( you know people are really shady) if his face isn’t there ( he has a nice looking face) and even though his body’s not showing – I feel like girls are like ‘Ohh I only like a guy for their body’s’. Hmm, I don’t know his shirt isn’t off but its burnt.”

” Maybe his image is being tarnished so his shirts being tarnished” I add.

” Yeah, use that. Quote yourself on that one” We laugh and I ask ” Do you like James Franco?”

” I like him. Yeah”- she laughs ” He’s hot”.

Rachel and I take a moment to gush about the Franco brothers hotness.  I bring it back by asking if she feels this picture is negative or positive.

” It’s definitely a negative picture. It’s tarnished, the color…it’s not a very happy sight, I’m just not happy when I look at it” Rachel answers.

The picture we were discussing and the one in the photo was part of Pilar Gallego’s “Teen Idol Poster Series” titled James Franco and you can check out his work here:

To check out Rachel Price’s work and website click here:  

Rachel with "James Franco" by Pilar Gallego