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Artist of the Week (12)- Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune

Every week I’m always amazed at how talented the artists are that showcase their works in the csulb galleries. I mean seriously, last week I got to talk to Angie Samblotte about her and her artist partner’s (Lacy McCune) work and I was still blown away like every time. Their art showcase was titled “taking time in the paradigm” and I immediately noticed the pieces in the room were accented with nature and strange imagery.

"Family Portrait, Delicately Interconnected" by Lacy McCune
“Family Portrait, Delicately Interconnected” by Lacy McCune


I loved lots of the works inside- the tiny furniture with crystals, the sketches of winding tree branches, the grass carpet, and the stylistic drawings of people eating cauliflower. All forced me to take a look closer and try to figure out their purpose in the showcase. It helped once I started having a discussion with Angie Samblotte who said she did the sketch work and collaborated with Lacy McCune on all the pieces.

"This is How We Like to Eat Cauliflower" by Angie Samblotte
“This is How We Like to Eat Cauliflower” by Angie Samblotte

Samblotte explained to me that their works were exploring the idea that nature is a model of sorts- it creates paradigms for us.  She said their pieces are supposed to represent that duality and interconnectedness between us and that natural model. That we are all connected even though we are separated.  I really loved the way she explained this to me, it brought everything together -literally.

"Home Sweet Utility" by Lacy McCune
“Home Sweet Utility” by Lacy McCune


I found out that the crystals with the tiny furniture were actually grown by them. Also that the drawing of the people eating cauliflower was a representation of how people see vegetables. Samblotte likes looking at cauliflower when it cooks. She said that “People don’t like to eat them even though they are here for a reason”.  We joked about how when I saw it I thought the people in it could be making a “AUGHHH” noise and making a weird face with their mouth open. She said that’s what she was going for- so nailed it.


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ps: Nice shot I got here of Anna with “Awkward Hug” by Angie Samblotte: